Working in Orlando

IMG_0234     Hello! This is our African Grey parrot,

Kappi. She’s  a real joy and keeps us laughing with her antics. She talks up a storm, say’s “I love you” and many other things. She  barks, meows, quacks and does many other entertaining things. But for some reason I don’t understand, she seldom does anything when other people are around.

Well, enough about her. Just wanted to introduce her to the world. What I want to talk about today is business. Because of my medical condition, which keeps me off my feet as much as possible, I went back to driving a taxi for a living. I work mainly from two locations, a major hotel on International Drive, and one of the more popular attractions here in Orlando. I don’t mention the names because I don’t know if it’s legal to do so, and I don’t need legal problems.

As a taxi driver, I’m constantly looking for ways to add more business, so I’m doing something that was very good for business while driving a taxi in Honolulu,  so I offer my services to any of you who are coming to Orlando for either business or vacations. I’ll greet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. This service is by appointment only, so if you’re interested, simply email me at  with your contact information and I’ll be in touch shortly to discuss your transportation needs. I don’t give my phone number here because I seldom answer the phone while driving or with clients. However, when I contact you, you’ll have it. Under some circumstances I do use my blue tooth if I’m expecting an important call.

I also provide transportation as a tour driver, taking clients to local attractions as well as places including the Space Center, Busch Gardens, Lego Land, Gator Land and other places of interest.

During tours, the taxi’s meter is off. Not used! Instead, I charge an hourly rate which is negotiable, or if you wish, I have half day – four hours – or full day – eight hour rates. All tours are round trip.

Another service I offer is copy writing. If you’re running a business that needs a copy writing service, try mine. My prices are very reasonable and negotiable. This blog should give you an idea of my work. Because I have the ability to use email and the Internet, this is a service I can provide nationwide. I have no boundaries!

Another service I’m able to provide is for companies looking to sponsor RV’ers who travel the country extensively and can show the companies wares at fairs, conventions, flea markets and the like. So, if your company is looking to expand into meeting the public by way of working with RV’ers, this is your opportunity! Email me with your contact information at and we’ll talk shortly. Or if you simply want mobile  advertising, We can negotiate means to advertise your company nationwide.

You’re welcome to leave a message concerning business in the “comments” section, but it would be a lot quicker to email.

Happy trails!

My name is Jim Rogers. What’s yours?

Orlando Strong

Orlando Strong! Boston Strong! And now Dallas Strong! Three cities where multiple deaths have happened. Just what are we doing to each other?

Killing each other is not the solution to any problem. The way I see it, the cause of all this killing is hate. The killer of the Dallas police was known to have said he wanted to kill only white police because he hates white police. Where is all this hate coming from? The answer to that is that it’s been here for decades. We’ve created a situation where we learn to hate at early stages of our lives, of our civilization. We have yet to learn to live with each other peacefully. We start bullying each other in school and continue to do so for the rest of our lives. We develop hatred for just about any reason. We hate this. We hate that. We hate just for the sake of hating! Can’t we learn to LOVE instead?

My opinion is that we have to bring the family back together. As time goes on, family life has changed over the years. Families have separated to live in many parts of the country. My family is no different. We live in several areas of this great country. My point is that if our families were tighter, if we worked together, we would have a better chance for a more peaceful civilization where we wouldn’t want to kill each other. Killing  is bad and never accomplishes anything. If you kill, two things will happen. One, you could be killed during capture. Two, you could be sentenced to death. Under either of these circumstances, what is accomplished by killing someone? Nothing, other than giving up your own life! If you hate something or someone, is your hate worth giving up your life if you act on it?

We have to learn to live together peacefully! The 49 deaths here in Orlando at the Pulse night club was the worse killing in the history of this country. All because the killer hated gay people. And some of those killed weren’t even gay or lesbian. so what did this killing accomplish? What does any killing accomplish? NOTHING!!!

The citizens of Orlando, and many others from Boston and other area’s, have banded together to raise money for the victims families and businesses that were closed for two plus weeks while the police had Orange Avenue blocked off, closed. You couldn’t get near the place for over two weeks unless you found parking and walked, which thousands did. I took some pictures of the memorial set up in the front of the building, but can’t download them from the camera to this computer, so can’t add them to this blog. I’m not very good with computers. Feel the Pulse is one of the organizations where you can donate. I ask that you do so! Please!

Please!! Let’s learn to live together peacefully!

One more thing before I stop. I want to say something about the police of this country. They are human! Just like you and I! They risk their lives every day to serve us. Being human means they make mistakes. Some are good at their jobs, some not so good. Some were bullies in school and still are. Let’s face it! For every bad cop there are literally thousands of good cops. Let’s give the good cops a chance to do their jobs, and give them the respect they deserve . We need them!!!   As for the bad cops, they’ll be taken care of by the system. Two of the Bad Cops in recent times are those who killed the two black men in Louisiana  and Minnesota. The news reports that the man sitting in his car after  being stopped for a taillight being out, told the cop that he was armed and was reaching for his wallet when he was shot. He was cooperating with the officer in every way.  There was no reason for the shooting of this man other than the cop wasn’t really handling the situation logically. If the victim was doing what the cop told him to do, this killing shouldn’t have happened. And nobody should be killed as a result of selling DVD’s in front of a neighborhood store where he was well known.

Leave a comment. I’d like to hear your opinions.                                                     Happy trails!

Stuck in Florida

Well, we are  here in Orlando. We’ve been here since the fall of 2014 and were planning to leave in the spring of 2015,  but in January we found that I had a blood clot in my left leg which put me  in the hospital for a month while the doctors tested me and found that gang green was settling in my toes. This caused the amputation of all the toes on both feet.  Ask me if that hurt. Go ahead and ask! I’ll tell you that it was the worst pain I could ever imagine. One day the surgeon came in when the pain was getting to me  while they were changing the bandages and I was screaming really loud. He asked why I was making so much noise and I  told him I’d cut his toes off so he could see where the noise was coming from.

But enough of that gruesome stuff. The point is to inform you as to why I haven’t been doing any writing for a while. I spent a month in the hospital and then another month in rehab before going home. Learning how to walk with no toes is rather difficult, but not impossible. Balance is a problem sometimes, but I’m getting used to it and learning how to catch myself. I haven’t  hit the floor yet!! The doctors  released me to work  and I found work as a cab driver for the largest transportation company in  the state. Maybe in the country because they do business in five or six states. Well, I  really enjoy this kind of work because I not only meet people from all over the USA, but the rest of the world as well.

So! what this means is that  for the time being I’m in the perfect spot to let you know about one of the best vacation places in the country. Along with Disney World, there are other great places for family and singles vacations. Florida has the Space Center, the Everglades, Lego Land, Bush Gardens, and Daytona Beach to just mention a few of the attractions. I highly recommend it for your vacation. RVers are welcome throughout the state.

OK! Now you know why I haven’t been around to talk about RVing, I’ve had many comments from many of you about this blog, and most  have been of a positive nature, while others have offered their services to promote this site.  I do need to promote the site, but have to investigate before  making my choice. As for the other comments, I appreciate all, and I look forward to posting more in the very near future, so please visit often. A new computer is needed because this tablet is not working out very well.  Please leave your comments and come back. Happy trails until we meet again!

Paine’s Campground

For those of you who like to use a tent for your camping experiences, I’d like to suggest Paine’s Campground in Wellfleet on Cape Cod, Ma. It’s owned and operated by Bud and Sheila Paine, two of the nicest people you could ever meet. They have well over a hundred tenting sites as well as about a half dozen sites for trailers or RV’s that will require full hook-up. Some of the tenting sites have electric on them also. All have delicious spring water. Each site comes with fire rings so you can cook over an open fire or sit around the camp fire at night talking with neighboring guests. There are two bath houses with hot and cold water for both men and women, one of which has full showers. These facilities are cleaned several times each day.

At the end of this summer season they had a three day music festival that went over very well. This was a lot of fun for music lovers, but because of local restrictions, it had no electrical instruments, all acoustical. For more information on this or to make reservations, go to their website,  where you’ll find more information.

I hope to see Bud and Sheila doing well the next time I visit the Cape, and know that if you follow my advice, you’ll enjoy your time there as well.

Check out my other blogs about two other places of interest on the Cape, Marconi Beach Restaurant and Atlantic Oaks RV Park.

In the meantime, happy trails to you until we meet again!

Marconi Beach Restaurant

If you like great BBQ ribs and sandwiches, you’re going to love this place. Owned by Russ and Marie Swart, this place is always packed. Open at 11:30 a.m. until the last food junkie leaves, this place is sought out by people from all walks of life and every conceivable location. It’s just that famous!

The food is prepared by a master chef named Doug, who starts early each morning to guarantee that everything is just as it should be for each and every item on the menu, which also includes steaks and fresh local seafood and vegetables. The ribs are wood smoked in a large professional smoker, as is the BBQ chicken. However, out in front of the restaurant is a backyard smoker that when lit every morning with what I think might be apple wood, gives off a really great smoke that fills the neighborhood with the aroma of BBQ. Nothing is cooked in this smoker, but it magically draws in the patrons wanting to taste the flavors they are drawn to by the smoke of this unit.

There are several things other than the food that draw people to this restaurant. The coziness of the place, including the bar where you can watch sports or the news on several flat screen tv’s, and the friendly wait staff lead by Russ and Marie’s son Kevin and the hostess, Marlene. The walls and ceiling are decorated with both sea-going and antique trinkets. And behind glass cases are both police and firemen’s  badges and decals, one of which is in memory of six firemen who unfortunately lost their lives in a tragic fire in Worcster Ma in 1999. Russ deeply cares about those professions because as a young man he was both a policeman and fireman at different stages of his life.

It’s not hard to find this great restaurant because it’s located on the major highway which runs from the Sagamore Bridge to Provincetown, Rte. 6, in Eastham, and only a few miles from the rotary in Orleans.  It sits on the left side of the road as you drive towards Provincetown, easy to find because you should smell the smoke when you approach.

I know that when I next visit this fantastic place of enjoyment, I’ll bump shoulders with some of you. So until then, happy trails!

Cape Cod to Florida

We left the Cape last Friday and arrived in Orlando on Monday. As trips go, it wasn’t bad. There we a few things we didn’t expect, like the number of Walmarts here in Orlando that said NO to our requests to park overnight. We did stay at one in Staunton Va, but mostly we spent the nights at rest areas and truck stops.

I have to admit that I wasn’t to happy with the road conditions along the way. My retired trucker brother suggested we skip the tolls by not going the way I had planned, I-95 all the way. Instead, he suggested we take the Mass-Pike to I-84 to I-81 to I-77 to I-26 and then join I-95 in South Carolina. It was Interstate highways all the way and would have been really good except for the ruts in the right hand lanes. This is the most traveled lane, sure. But the ruts made me think I was going to lose my front end. I only drove at 55-60 MPH, so I was being passed by every vehicle on the road. In some areas I was able to use the middle of three lanes and that smoothed things out a bit.

I found that when going through cities it was easier to drive in the middle lanes because it was easier to go left or right if I had to exit or switch roads. If I had been in the far right lane and needed to be turning left I’d have some difficulty, so found it easier to travel in the center lane while going through cities.

We did find a few rest areas that were closed, but on the whole the rest areas were open and very nice for a stop to stretch. We have an African Grey parrot that we travel with, and while stopped a various places we’d get approached by people who loved animals of all kinds, including birds. It’s nice to find friendly people while on the road, no matter what the reason. I talked to one couple who are professional BBQ contestants. Really nice people willing to spend a few moments talking about BBQ contests.

Well the wife needs the computer to do her thing, so I’ll bit you all a good day! Please stay tuned for the next blog about a couple places on Cape Cod I think might interest you for an up-coming trip there.

Come Join Us

Welcome to Our Future!

Hi! I’m Jim Rogers, here with my wife Bonnie, welcoming you to join us for the experience of our lifetime. For years we’ve experienced the joys of travel, but not in the style we do today.

Let me start at the beginning. We met in Hawaii on the beach in Waikiki in 1990 and married ten years later in Florida. We bought an old Sports Coach, Class A, and traveled for a year before settling in Las Vegas. But the bug of travel stayed with us until we bought another Class A, a 35 foot Bounder, and hit the road this past May, 2014. Because I have friends on Cape Cod, and some along the way, we made the Cape our first destination.

I lived on the Cape during the 1960’s and early 70’s, so had an vague idea of what it’s like here, but has it ever changed since those days. The quaint little villages Patty Page sang about have changed quit a bit, but it’s all for the good. There are more restaurants now than there used to be, just about every kind of food you’d like to find in this kind of environment. Seafood is prevalent from one end of the Cape to the other. Every kind of local fish including shellfish is available. Many small shops specialize in fried clams and lobster rolls. You can even charter a boat to take you out to catch your own. Besides seafood you will find everything from prime rib to pulled pork sandwiches. Ice cream shops are abundant, as are miniature golf ranges. There are several RV parks and tenting campgrounds also. More about them later.

One of the biggest attractions to the Cape has always been the beaches. The beautiful white sands and warm waters on the Atlantic side draw the biggest crowds, while the colder waters on the Bay side are also sought by hundreds of sun worshipers.

Not far from the Cape are other attractions such as Plymouth Rock, Fenway Park and the SS Constitution. For football fans there’s also Gillette  Stadium where the New England Patriots play, but that happens in the fall.

We’ll be leaving the Cape late September, but will be posting again as we find other and more information for you before then. We hope you’ll plan your trips for next summer using some of the information we post for you. In the meantime, please return to this site often, as I’ll post every week or so as I gather more information. My next blog will cover information about the RV parks and tenting campgrounds as well as other topics.

For Now, Happy Trails.