Cape Cod to Florida

We left the Cape last Friday and arrived in Orlando on Monday. As trips go, it wasn’t bad. There we a few things we didn’t expect, like the number of Walmarts here in Orlando that said NO to our requests to park overnight. We did stay at one in Staunton Va, but mostly we spent the nights at rest areas and truck stops.

I have to admit that I wasn’t to happy with the road conditions along the way. My retired trucker brother suggested we skip the tolls by not going the way I had planned, I-95 all the way. Instead, he suggested we take the Mass-Pike to I-84 to I-81 to I-77 to I-26 and then join I-95 in South Carolina. It was Interstate highways all the way and would have been really good except for the ruts in the right hand lanes. This is the most traveled lane, sure. But the ruts made me think I was going to lose my front end. I only drove at 55-60 MPH, so I was being passed by every vehicle on the road. In some areas I was able to use the middle of three lanes and that smoothed things out a bit.

I found that when going through cities it was easier to drive in the middle lanes because it was easier to go left or right if I had to exit or switch roads. If I had been in the far right lane and needed to be turning left I’d have some difficulty, so found it easier to travel in the center lane while going through cities.

We did find a few rest areas that were closed, but on the whole the rest areas were open and very nice for a stop to stretch. We have an African Grey parrot that we travel with, and while stopped a various places we’d get approached by people who loved animals of all kinds, including birds. It’s nice to find friendly people while on the road, no matter what the reason. I talked to one couple who are professional BBQ contestants. Really nice people willing to spend a few moments talking about BBQ contests.

Well the wife needs the computer to do her thing, so I’ll bit you all a good day! Please stay tuned for the next blog about a couple places on Cape Cod I think might interest you for an up-coming trip there.

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