Stuck in Florida

Well, we are  here in Orlando. We’ve been here since the fall of 2014 and were planning to leave in the spring of 2015,  but in January we found that I had a blood clot in my left leg which put me  in the hospital for a month while the doctors tested me and found that gang green was settling in my toes. This caused the amputation of all the toes on both feet.  Ask me if that hurt. Go ahead and ask! I’ll tell you that it was the worst pain I could ever imagine. One day the surgeon came in when the pain was getting to me  while they were changing the bandages and I was screaming really loud. He asked why I was making so much noise and I  told him I’d cut his toes off so he could see where the noise was coming from.

But enough of that gruesome stuff. The point is to inform you as to why I haven’t been doing any writing for a while. I spent a month in the hospital and then another month in rehab before going home. Learning how to walk with no toes is rather difficult, but not impossible. Balance is a problem sometimes, but I’m getting used to it and learning how to catch myself. I haven’t  hit the floor yet!! The doctors  released me to work  and I found work as a cab driver for the largest transportation company in  the state. Maybe in the country because they do business in five or six states. Well, I  really enjoy this kind of work because I not only meet people from all over the USA, but the rest of the world as well.

So! what this means is that  for the time being I’m in the perfect spot to let you know about one of the best vacation places in the country. Along with Disney World, there are other great places for family and singles vacations. Florida has the Space Center, the Everglades, Lego Land, Bush Gardens, and Daytona Beach to just mention a few of the attractions. I highly recommend it for your vacation. RVers are welcome throughout the state.

OK! Now you know why I haven’t been around to talk about RVing, I’ve had many comments from many of you about this blog, and most  have been of a positive nature, while others have offered their services to promote this site.  I do need to promote the site, but have to investigate before  making my choice. As for the other comments, I appreciate all, and I look forward to posting more in the very near future, so please visit often. A new computer is needed because this tablet is not working out very well.  Please leave your comments and come back. Happy trails until we meet again!

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