Orlando Strong

Orlando Strong! Boston Strong! And now Dallas Strong! Three cities where multiple deaths have happened. Just what are we doing to each other?

Killing each other is not the solution to any problem. The way I see it, the cause of all this killing is hate. The killer of the Dallas police was known to have said he wanted to kill only white police because he hates white police. Where is all this hate coming from? The answer to that is that it’s been here for decades. We’ve created a situation where we learn to hate at early stages of our lives, of our civilization. We have yet to learn to live with each other peacefully. We start bullying each other in school and continue to do so for the rest of our lives. We develop hatred for just about any reason. We hate this. We hate that. We hate just for the sake of hating! Can’t we learn to LOVE instead?

My opinion is that we have to bring the family back together. As time goes on, family life has changed over the years. Families have separated to live in many parts of the country. My family is no different. We live in several areas of this great country. My point is that if our families were tighter, if we worked together, we would have a better chance for a more peaceful civilization where we wouldn’t want to kill each other. Killing  is bad and never accomplishes anything. If you kill, two things will happen. One, you could be killed during capture. Two, you could be sentenced to death. Under either of these circumstances, what is accomplished by killing someone? Nothing, other than giving up your own life! If you hate something or someone, is your hate worth giving up your life if you act on it?

We have to learn to live together peacefully! The 49 deaths here in Orlando at the Pulse night club was the worse killing in the history of this country. All because the killer hated gay people. And some of those killed weren’t even gay or lesbian. so what did this killing accomplish? What does any killing accomplish? NOTHING!!!

The citizens of Orlando, and many others from Boston and other area’s, have banded together to raise money for the victims families and businesses that were closed for two plus weeks while the police had Orange Avenue blocked off, closed. You couldn’t get near the place for over two weeks unless you found parking and walked, which thousands did. I took some pictures of the memorial set up in the front of the building, but can’t download them from the camera to this computer, so can’t add them to this blog. I’m not very good with computers. Feel the Pulse is one of the organizations where you can donate. I ask that you do so! Please!

Please!! Let’s learn to live together peacefully!

One more thing before I stop. I want to say something about the police of this country. They are human! Just like you and I! They risk their lives every day to serve us. Being human means they make mistakes. Some are good at their jobs, some not so good. Some were bullies in school and still are. Let’s face it! For every bad cop there are literally thousands of good cops. Let’s give the good cops a chance to do their jobs, and give them the respect they deserve . We need them!!!   As for the bad cops, they’ll be taken care of by the system. Two of the Bad Cops in recent times are those who killed the two black men in Louisiana  and Minnesota. The news reports that the man sitting in his car after  being stopped for a taillight being out, told the cop that he was armed and was reaching for his wallet when he was shot. He was cooperating with the officer in every way.  There was no reason for the shooting of this man other than the cop wasn’t really handling the situation logically. If the victim was doing what the cop told him to do, this killing shouldn’t have happened. And nobody should be killed as a result of selling DVD’s in front of a neighborhood store where he was well known.

Leave a comment. I’d like to hear your opinions.                                                     Happy trails!

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