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IMG_0234     Hello! This is our African Grey parrot,

Kappi. She’s  a real joy and keeps us laughing with her antics. She talks up a storm, say’s “I love you” and many other things. She  barks, meows, quacks and does many other entertaining things. But for some reason I don’t understand, she seldom does anything when other people are around.

Well, enough about her. Just wanted to introduce her to the world. What I want to talk about today is business. Because of my medical condition, which keeps me off my feet as much as possible, I went back to driving a taxi for a living. I work mainly from two locations, a major hotel on International Drive, and one of the more popular attractions here in Orlando. I don’t mention the names because I don’t know if it’s legal to do so, and I don’t need legal problems.

As a taxi driver, I’m constantly looking for ways to add more business, so I’m doing something that was very good for business while driving a taxi in Honolulu,  so I offer my services to any of you who are coming to Orlando for either business or vacations. I’ll greet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. This service is by appointment only, so if you’re interested, simply email me at  with your contact information and I’ll be in touch shortly to discuss your transportation needs. I don’t give my phone number here because I seldom answer the phone while driving or with clients. However, when I contact you, you’ll have it. Under some circumstances I do use my blue tooth if I’m expecting an important call.

I also provide transportation as a tour driver, taking clients to local attractions as well as places including the Space Center, Busch Gardens, Lego Land, Gator Land and other places of interest.

During tours, the taxi’s meter is off. Not used! Instead, I charge an hourly rate which is negotiable, or if you wish, I have half day – four hours – or full day – eight hour rates. All tours are round trip.

Another service I offer is copy writing. If you’re running a business that needs a copy writing service, try mine. My prices are very reasonable and negotiable. This blog should give you an idea of my work. Because I have the ability to use email and the Internet, this is a service I can provide nationwide. I have no boundaries!

Another service I’m able to provide is for companies looking to sponsor RV’ers who travel the country extensively and can show the companies wares at fairs, conventions, flea markets and the like. So, if your company is looking to expand into meeting the public by way of working with RV’ers, this is your opportunity! Email me with your contact information at and we’ll talk shortly. Or if you simply want mobile  advertising, We can negotiate means to advertise your company nationwide.

You’re welcome to leave a message concerning business in the “comments” section, but it would be a lot quicker to email.

Happy trails!

My name is Jim Rogers. What’s yours?

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